Touchstone Prayer

The Touchstone Prayer Team meets on from 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays to pray for the needs of Touchstone and those of our constituents. To join us in person or submit a prayer request, contact us.  Please pray for the following:

General Theme: Newly launched CiViL Groups


  • Fall break!

  • Thanks in advance for three job-hunting team members’ future employment

  • A great time with the Weber family at the wedding of Jim’s neice!

  • God provided the new male CiViL volunteer we prayed for last week!

  • Several generous responses to our prayer for snacks for students!


  • Midterm prayers for our college students

  • Healing for Jim’s mom who had a stroke three weeks ago and is now in physical therapy, hoping to regain use of leg, arm, and vision. Also, wisdom for decisions regarding her ongoing care.

  • Comfort and healing for a friend with cancer and his family.

  • Successful eye surgery for Sherry today.

  • Successful surgery for Carol at the end of October.

  • Healing for Mark who has several serious medical problems.

  • Comfort for the family of Brandon Adams, a student shot to death in a Nashville school parking lot a few days ago.

  • Solutions to Nashville’s violence.

  • A few more male volunteers to work with CiViL Groups

  • A successful father-son project for a student’s family.

  • Jobs for three team members

  • Ongoing donated Pop Tarts for our morning CiViL Groups - contact us, if you want to help answer this prayer!

  • Donated office space

  • Guidance in building our CiViL Rocketown and Overton chapters

  • Guidance and success for two of Jim’s musical ventures.

  • Guidance as we plan upcoming CiViL Service projects.

  • Guidance as we develop and train about student discipline procedures.

  • Recovery help for our nation’s hurricaine survivors.

  • God’s will in the coming election and healing for our nation’s division.