Touchstone Prayer

The Touchstone Prayer Team meets on from 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays to pray for the needs of Touchstone and those of our constituents. To join us in person or submit a prayer request, contact us.  Please pray for the following:

General Theme: Let’s pray for giving, the fruit of gratitude.


  • Thanksgiving Break!

  • Jim’s Mom continues to improve after a stroke and was able to spend about 5 hours at home on Thanksgiving.

  • We received a great response to our #GivingTuesday fudraising appeal.

  • New volunteers and former students are making big impact.

  • We received donations for several weeks worth of snacks for CiViL.

  • A successful training presentation on CiViL to Nashville Juvenile Court staff


  • Comfort and help for survivors of the California wild fires

  • Comfort for a friend who has lost an important relationship

  • Continued healing for Jim’s mom and wisdom in the decision-making for her care.

  • Healing, comfort, and salvation for a cousin with terminal cancer.

  • Healing and support for a friend’s son who has treatable Hodgkins Lymphoma.

  • Healing for several students with traumatic life experiences

  • Wisdom & planning for Touchstone financial decisions

  • Upcoming CiViL Service Project: Caroling for Fannie Battle Day Home for Children

  • Jobs for three team members

  • Ongoing donated snacks for our morning CiViL Groups (at the cost of $40/wk) - contact us, if you want to help answer this prayer!

  • Donated office space

  • Open doors for Nashville Youth for Christ as they seek to serve in two jouvenile facilities.