Touchstone Prayer List

The Touchstone Prayer Team meets on from 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays to pray for the needs of Touchstone and those of our constituents. To join us in person or submit a prayer request, contact us.  Please pray for the following:

General Theme: Please pray for our CiViL-Rocketown staff, students, and volunteers as we build that group through the summer.


  • Melony’s father came through surgery just fine.

  • We are thankful for our 2018/2019 interns.

  • Thank God for CiViL success in 2018/2019

  • Positive response from a potential church partner

  • A friend is very happy with his new job.



  • CiViL Rocketown staff, students, and volunteers

  • Groundwork for CiViL 2019/2020 school programs

  • Financial provision and protection

  • Next year’s Touchstone interns and volunteers

  • Long-range plans for Touchstone staffing

  • Preparations for the 2019 Touchstone Tribute dinner


  • Two friends with bladdar cancer

  • A friend with a very difficult pregnancy

  • A friend with a broken shoulder and advancing Parkinson’s disease

  • A friend is having her 9th back surgery soon.

  • A friend with a heart valve problem will need surgery soon.

  • A friend is recovering from hand surgery.

  • Melony’s dad is also recovering from surgery.

  • Healing for Melony, who has a prolonged virus


  • A summer internship for a student

  • A ministry partner serving a student recently charged with murder.

  • Spiritual revival stemming from the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedra

  • Protection from persicution for all places of worship.

  • The end-of-school crunch for all students.

  • Ongoing suffering from Cyclone Idai, including loss of loved ones, hygene issues, crop destruction, and infrastructure destruction.