Touchstone Prayer List

The Touchstone Prayer Team meets on from 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays to pray for the needs of Touchstone and those of our constituents. To join us in person or submit a prayer request, contact us.  Please pray for the following:

General Theme: Please pray for the Spring and Summer fundraising efforts like “The Big Payback” that help usprovide services to our students .


  • Beautiful flower season!

  • All our partner locations want CiViL back in 2019/2020!

  • Jim is working on a poetry compilation,

  • Many students who have grown over our time with them.

  • We are very grateful for this year’s Lipscom University School of Social Work intern!



  • The Big Payback, an online fundraising event on May 2

  • Groundwork for CiViL 2019/2020 school programs

  • A church partner for each CiViL Location next year

  • Financial provision and protection

  • Next year’s Touchstone interns and volunteers

  • Long-range plans for Touchstone staffing

  • Preparations for the 2019 Touchstone Tribute dinner

  • Adapting to our new schedule, now that our school-based programs are finished.


  • One of our team members is having jaw problems.

  • A friend with a very difficult pregnancy

  • A friend with a broken shoulder and advancing Parkinson’s disease

  • A friend is having her 9th back surgery soon.

  • A friend with a heart valve problem will need surgery soon.

  • The sudden loss of a brother by one of our friends.

  • Healing for a friend’s vocal damage


  • A summer internship for a student

  • The end-of-school crunch for all students.

  • Church bombing sufferers

  • A production of the musical, “The Last Days of Buster Drumwright,” music by Billy Sprague, Jim Weber, and Nan Gurley, will be staged by Studio Tenn on May 30 through June 1. Please pray that God will use this show to his glory, and provide it with further oportunities.

  • A team member’s construction project needs to get under way soon.

  • Ongoing suffering from Cyclone Idai, including loss of loved ones, hygene issues, crop destruction, and infrastructure destruction. We have missionary friends helping with the recovery. Please pray for their safety. Now there is a new threat from Cyclone Kenneth.