Touchstone Prayer List

The Touchstone Prayer Team meets on from 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays to pray for the needs of Touchstone and those of our constituents. To join us in person or submit a prayer request, contact us.  Please pray for the following:

General Theme: Please hat God will encourage and empower us to do His work in the lives of students.


  • Generous donors gave $4881 through The Big Payback on May 2!

  • The Touchstone Garage Sale on Saturday & Sunday May 4 & 5 was fun, and fund raising!

  • We are already meeting with school officials to plan CiViL for next school year, and it’s exciting!

  • The Last Days of Buster Drumwright by Jim Weber, Nan Gurley, Billy Sprague, and Jesse Hill Ford will have a workshop performance at Studio Tenn is coming up on June 1.

  • Jim’s father who was in the hospital over the weekend is now home and doing better.



  • Growth of our CiViL-Rocketown location

  • Several students with serious acacemic problems

  • More oppertunities to share the mission of Touchstone

  • Financial provision for Touchstone

  • A church partner for each CiViL Location next year

  • Next year’s Touchstone interns and volunteers

  • Long-range plans for Touchstone staffing

  • Preparations for the 2019 Touchstone Tribute dinner


  • Strength and healing for Jim’s father, just out of the hospital, and stamina and grace for his caretakers

  • A friend with a very difficult pregnancy

  • A friend with a broken shoulder and advancing Parkinson’s disease

  • A friend is having her 9th back surgery soon.

  • A friend with a heart valve problem will need surgery soon.


  • Nashville Young Life needs volunteers for an area Middle School club.

  • Guidance and blessing on two new employees of Nashville Youth For Christ

  • The grieving family of Rachel Held Evans

  • A friend is having car problems.

  • The grieving family of T.J. Lucian

  • A summer internship for a student

  • The end-of-school crunch for all students.

  • The workshop of the musical, “The Last Days of Buster Drumwright,” music by Billy Sprague, Jim Weber, and Nan Gurley, will be staged by Studio Tenn on June 1. Please pray that God will use this show to his glory, and provide the show iwith further oportunities.

  • We have missionary friends in Mosambique helping with the recovery from Cyclones Idai and Kenneth. Please pray for their safety and the compassion of God on this impoverished area of the world.