CiViL is designed to facilitate emotional, social and spiritual growth with an emphasis on small group study and practical application. Students find themselves challenged toward honest sharing, self-examination, practical discipleship, and effective strategies for loving and serving others.

How CiViL is used in churches

CiViL can be provided on a weekly basis in conjunction with Christian education programs, including student discipleship groups or Sunday school classes.  Our model works best in small groups because they provide a safe, focused environment for students to talk about the real issues in their lives and learn the practical, biblical solutions to problems and challenges. Churches can also use CiViL as an outreach tool to extend their mission to their local community. Either way, CiViL provides a four year curriculum for individual growth.

CiViL Group Leader Training

Touchstone offers training seminars and other resources for small group leaders. The CiViL Model allows group leaders to engage students effectively and compassionately, so that students feel safe and motivated to participate.  Follow-up consultations and refresher training can be scheduled.  

Get in touch with us about bringing CiViL to your church.