CiViL is a social emotional learning (SEL) model for high school students. It provides students with a safe small group environment in which they can discuss SEL concepts and learn to put them into practice. Each group is led by a trained leader and guided by our CiViL Curriculum which, over a four year span, covers all of the SEL Core Competencies established by the Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (CASEL).

How CiViL Groups is used in schools

Touchstone has provided CiViL on a weekly basis in classrooms, advisory groups, activity periods, and after school programs with excellent results. Our focus on small group instruction allows students to become more vulnerable and thoughtful than they might in a larger group.

CiViL Group Leader Training

While Touchstone often provides trained volunteers to lead school-based groups, any faculty or staff member can also be trained to facilitate CiViL Groups. The CiViL Model allows group leaders to engage students effectively and compassionately, so that students feel safe and motivated to participate.  Follow-up consultations and refresher training can be scheduled.  

CiViL Intervention

While CiViL Groups can benefit any student, students struggling with social and emotional challenges often find that they can express their emotions and work out problems within their CiViL Group. As a result, they report a reduction in problems and an improvement in relationships – including those relationships that directly affect classroom performance.

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